Easiest jobs you can do if you are a student

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Those who dedicate themselves to an intense university life, including lessons and preparations for the exam, do not have time to find a full-time job. Building one’s own economic independence, however, is one of the goals of most university students. Part-time jobs for students will allow you to study and to financially support yourself.What are the part-time jobs for students?

1. Delivery Guy

Just a scooter, a good knowledge of the streets of your city and it is very easy to find work at a pizzeria. The income is obviously matched to the number of calls that are received and to the kindness in the tips, but is manageable and intertwined with your university life. This will be a great opportunity for you.

2. Tutor

Remaining in the field of university studies, the work of a tutor falls perfectly. Registration for Tutored is completely free and you will decide how much to earn: you will not need anything! Remember to fill in your profile as best as possible by including, in addition to the subjects you teach, also your experiences, social aspects and your profile picture. The same students will look for you and book directly on Tutored for lessons both online and offline.

3. Waiter

It is one of the part-time jobs for students that comes to mind when you decide to find your own economic independence: the waiter. The bar below the house, the restaurant, the pizzeria, the pub: the city offers a wide range of offers for this job. Unlike the others listed, the student will be bound by days and hours more or less fixed, but certainly the effort will lead to great satisfaction at the end of the day.

4. Baby-sitter

This job it is suitable for girls with a lot of patience and who may have already had experience with their younger siblings. Both in the weekend and during some evenings you can help a family with the little ones. In doing so, parents will have some space and time for themselves. The pay is very tempting!You can begin by being a babysitter for the children ofrelatives and neighbors, by word of mouth you could easily enlarge your circle of “customers”.

5. Animator

You will be the soul of children’s parties! The better you are; the more children’s parties you will be able to do. Of course you have to prepare with all sorts of games and songs. It is not easy to keep a group of kids entertain.

6. Shop assistant

There are many shops that are looking for help especially in the weekend. From large clothing chains to smaller shops you can find a free position, especially during holiday periods. This can be an easy way to gain some money and support yourself.

London is always the favorite destination for university students eager to learn English and earn some money: our advice is to choose smaller cities like Brighton or Edinburgh. In these cities the search for personal maids is always high.