Best desserts you can eat in London

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Are you fond of sweets and you are planning a trip to London? You are then in the right place! In fact, the English desserts are really delicious and the streets are full of small stalls and food markets that offer a huge range of cakes and pastries to accompany the indispensable five o’clock tea. Let’s go through the British kitchens to discover the most delicious desserts that everyone should taste!

Perhaps the most typical of English desserts is Pudding: similar to a pudding it is a sugar mousse or other sweet ingredients generally enriched with raisins, dried figs, almonds and so on.The recipes are numerous and are able to satisfy every taste.

As for the Crumble, another irresistibly sweet dessert of English school, there are two versions: sweet or savory. The most common version is the sweet one that is prepared using fruit (usually apples, blackberries, peaches, rhubarb, grapes, plums, coconut or combinations of these) cooked with sugar and covered with crumbs of a crumbly mix prepared with butter, flour and sugar that when cooked in the oven becomes crispy.The cover can also be prepared using oat flakes, cereals, biscuits, almonds or other nuts.

If it’s five o’clock in the afternoon, that it’s tea time.The perfect English sweets to bite while sipping a good cup of this hot drink are definitely the Scones. These are soft round pancakes with a neutral flavor that are filled as desired with butter and jam. They are simple but very tasty!

The history of the Battenberg Cake, another very famous English dessert, dates back to 1884 when it was created in honor of the wedding between the niece of Queen Victoria and the German prince of the Battenberg family. This very elegant cake it is a butter cake coated with marzipan and composed of two colored doughs that are arranged in chess and held together with apricot jam. It is traditionally served with afternoon tea.

Very special is the Carrot Cake: a high and soft cake made with carrots (generally enriched with almond flour, hazelnuts or other nuts) composed of several layers and filled with creamy fresh cheese mixed with butter, sugar and vanilla, all covered with a delicious glaze. It is one of the classics as well as the most delicious desserts that you can enjoy while visiting the city and which you will find in the many caf├ęs or clubs scattered around London and its surroundings.

Finally, we focus on the Chelsea Bun which is a typical dessert and perhaps one of the best in the tradition of England. This soft swirl-shaped brioche is made of a rich leavened dough flavored with lemon peel, cinnamon or mixed spices. Before giving it the typical spiral shape, the dough is enriched with a mixture of currants, raisins or candied fruit, brown sugar, and butter. Once cooked and still warm the Chelsea Buns are covered with a mixture of cold water and sugar; because of the heat released by the freshly baked cake, the water evaporates and leaves a delicious sticky sugar glaze.

Surely after reading about all these sweets the desire to eat something good is definitely skyrocketing. Enjoy your dessert!